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The general obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation (including the anticipatory Mass at 4:00pm or later on the previous day) is to be reinstated in the Archdiocese of Detroit effective Saturday, March 13, 2021.

Considering the grave obligation we have of being physically present with our brothers and sisters at Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation for the Eucharist, each of us is asked to make a good and sincere judgement as to whether these circumstances apply or not. Where doubt or confusion persists, consult any priest for clarity.

While the general dispensation is removed, there are specific instances where the dispensation will continue, as well as those circumstances where there is no obligation in the first place.

One does not have an obligation to attend Mass on Sunday in the following circumstances:

  1. You are ill or your health condition would be significantly compromised if you were to contract a communicable illness (i.e., you have underlying conditions or are in a high-risk category). Please use the dispensation and do not attend Mass.
  2. You exhibit flu-like symptoms. Please use the dispensation and do not attend Mass.
  3. You have good reason to think you might be asymptomatic of a contagious illness (e.g., you were in recent contact with someone who tested positive for a contagious illness such as COVID or influenza). Please use the dispensation and do not attend Mass.
  4. You care for the sick, homebound, or infirmed.
  5. You are pregnant.
  6. Those 65 years of age or older (per the CDC’s recommendation of high-risk individuals).
  7. You cannot attend Mass through no fault of your own (e.g., no Mass is offered, you are infirmed, or, while wanting to go, you are prevented for some reason you cannot control (e.g., your ride did not show up, the church was at capacity).
  8. If you have significant fear or anxiety of becoming ill by being at Mass.

For questions about the application of any of these, please contact your pastor.

These categories will be reviewed in due course and revised as needed.

Those within categories #1-8 above must still observe the Lord’s Day and are encouraged to spend time in prayer on Sunday, meditating on the Lord’s passion, death and resurrection; an excellent way to do this is through participating in a broadcast of the Sunday Mass.


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The Stations of the Cross on Friday, March 19 at 6:30pm will be prayed a little differently. Please join us as we pray the Stations with beautiful and meditative musical accompaniments.

We will travel on “Mary’s Way of the Cross” meditating on Jesus’ path to Calvary through the eyes of His Mother with original music written and sung by Ann Felder.

Please join us in St Joseph Church or tune into the parish Live Stream.

This is a beautiful way to celebrate the Feast of St Joseph!


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Updated March4, 2021

The following guidance for Holy Week 2021 is being offered to address questions related to the reverent and safe celebration of Holy Week this year in the current circumstances of the pandemic.

As a Reminder:

– It is not possible to distribute Holy Communion to the faithful under both kinds at this time.
– Masks continue to be required as is social distancing and hand sanitizer
– The exchange of peace is omitted
– Holy Water stoups and fonts are left empty until Easter Vigil
– Hymnals and pew cards remain out of the pews
– Do not re-use booklets or worship aids
– One cantor or choir size limited according to social distancing
– Maintain social distancing of six feet between families as church architecture allows


Click to Download the full release from the Archdiocese of Detroit in PDF.

– Parishes are no longer required to maintain the maximum 50% capacity. The wearing of masks and
maintaining social distancing for all remain paramount.
– Because of the minimal contagion on the surface of furniture, disinfecting between celebrations of
Mass is no longer necessary, however good cleaning daily after Mass continues to be recommended.
– Because of the complexity of the rites of Holy Week, it is recommended that parishes use altar servers
for these liturgies, provided they are able to do this safely. Servers should maintain social distancing
except for short periods of time to assist as needed.
– Singing is permitted and encouraged during these most solemn sacred liturgies and especially at the
Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday, and throughout the Easter Season. Keep in mind that masks need to be
worn by those in the pews while singing due to COVID contagion spread by aerosol particles.
– Fresh water may be blessed and used for the baptismal font as well as the sprinkling rite. However,
water is not to be used for more than one individual at this time and the baptismal fonts are to be
drained and cleaned after use. From CDC COVID website: “CDC is not aware of any scientific
reports of the virus that causes COVID-19 spreading to people through the water in pools, hot tubs,
water playgrounds, or other treated aquatic venues.”