December 12 – 8 am Mass moves to 12 noon

Following the school closing directives with St. Vincent Pallotti Parish, when Wyandotte Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, the DAILY a.m. Masses move to 12 noon. This helps city workers and parish staff clean area roads, entrance to the church and church parking lots.

So the 8 a.m. Mass on Monday, December 12 at St Joseph Catholic Church, 344 Elm Street, will move to 12 noon. When schools are back in session, then Masses resume as normal.

If Wyandotte Public Schools are closed on Thursday, December 15, then the 8:30 a.m. Mass will move to 12 noon.

Please check these sources for further notice of Wyandotte Public School closings:

WATCH CBS 62 for information scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

LISTEN to WWJ Newsradio 950 for updates at :18 and :48 minutes after the hour every hour.

CALL the Parish Office at 734-285-9840, ext. 100.

Please share this information with those that do not receive these Parish News Alerts.

Thank you!

Synod 16

A Synod is both an event and a process that sees people – clergy, religious, and laity – gather to discuss important matters of the faith. Synods are transformative events that lead to renewal in the Church’s life. After a Synod takes place, the church emerges different, changed.

Synod 16 takes place November 18, 19 and 20 at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit.

* Pray for all those involved with the Synod.

* Pray for our Archdiocese.

* Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Synod Prayer – God our Father, you have called us to be witnesses to Jesus and have sent us on a mission to lead all people to encounter him. Send your Holy Spirit to enlighten our minds and enkindle our hearts, so that we may grow daily as your disciples. Empower us to face bravely the challenges of our time. Keep us close to you, together with Jesus your Son, Mary our Mother, and St. Anne our patroness as we engage in Synod 16 to Unleash the Gospel. Transform us into a band of joyful missionary disciples, who will bring the message of Jesus’ power and mercy to every person in southeast Michigan. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Commitment Weekends

“Honoring our Past, Believing in our Future”

Commitment Weekends: October 1 and 2; October 8 and 9

We have designated October 1 & 2 and October 8 & 9 as Commitment Weekends at St. Vincent Pallotti Parish. On those weekends, parishioners will have the opportunity to make their pledges in support of our capital campaign to replace both church roofs and to make other needed repairs and upgrades to the churches. Please help get the campaign off to a successful start in our efforts to raise $1.2 million over the next three years to pay for the repairs and upgrades to our churches. We are grateful for your generous support of the parish and this important campaign.

st-joseph-church  St. Joseph Church full

St. Patrick Church 2015a   st-patrick-church-interior-2015



Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be held on September 4 this year in Rome during the Sunday Mass celebrated as part of the Jubilee for workers and volunteers of mercy.

Look at your cable listings for the time EWTN will be airing the mass live from Rome.

To learn more about the history of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, click HERE

St. Vincent Pallotti Parish – Roof repair project

August 20, 2016 – Letter to Parishioners regarding roof repair projects at St. Joseph and St. Patrick Churches.

This letter was inserted into the Bulletin the weekend of August 20/21, 2016 for all to read regarding the current plans for the roof repairs at both worship sites. It is also listed here for those that may have missed it.


St. Vincent Pallotti Parish

Wyandotte, Michigan

Roof repair projects at St. Joseph and St. Patrick Churches

Dear Parishioners & Friends,

Last Thursday, August 18, 2016, was the 1 year anniversary of the temporary closure of St. Patrick Church, due to a small portion of the ceiling falling onto the sanctuary steps. After careful inspection of the entire ceiling by a buildings specialist, 90% of the ceiling at St. Patrick Church was deemed to be unsafe. It came as a great surprise that the roof on St. Patrick’s Church is the original roof put on the church 160 years ago. The average life of a slate roof is 90 / 100 years. On May 4, the Archbishop & his Consultors gave us permission to put a new roof on St. Patrick Church. We will repair some roof decking and replace all the gutters and downspouts. We have bid out this contract to 5 companies. We have now chosen the contractor. We know the cost. We know that once the work begins, Phase 1 of this overall project will be completed in 90 days.

St. Joseph Church has its share of roof problems too, which has led to serious ceiling and wall damage from water getting into the building in recent years. Over the last 12 months, we have had extensive studies carried out by professionals to identify the exact problem with the roof, the walls, the flashing and gutters. Basically, St. Joseph Church needs a new roof, new gutters and downspouts, and the whole building resealed with new flashing that will waterproof the building for the next 50 years.

Our architect, Jay Sarnacki & Associates, has drawn up job / work specifications for St. Patrick Church and St. Joseph Church. These documents were sent out to contractors for bidding. The bids have now come back. We were surprised at the new cost for St. Joseph Church roof replacement and repairs. We originally thought it might be around $175,000. Unfortunately the cost to replace the roof and carry out all the other essential repairs will be $347,760. That price is $172,760 more than was anticipated. This means I have to go back to the Consultors of the Archdiocese on August 31 and seek their approval for that extra $172,760 needed to complete Phase 1 of the Buildings Project at St. Joseph Church.

On the back of this letter is a detailed outline of Phase 1 of our Parish Buildings Project for both Churches. One company will do the work at both Churches at the same time in 90 days from the start date. We hope the roof repair work at both worship sites will begin by mid to late September.

Sarnacki & Associates are currently drawing up the job / work specifications for the internal repairs and painting of both churches. This is Phase II of this challenging buildings project. These documents will be sent out for bidding to contractors by mid-September. By mid-October, we should know the costs involved in repairing the interior of both churches and the contractor who will carry out these repairs. We will have to return to the Archbishop and his Consultors at that time and present a detailed report on the total cost of Phase II and how we are going to pay for it.

The Archdiocese has given us permission to run a Capital Campaign to raise 1.2 million dollars (tax free). This campaign begins very soon. Certainly we will use some of our parish savings to cover part of this Buildings Project. I encourage everyone to try and support the Capital Campaign. Both Churches need our help. We had 6 churches in Wyandotte 10 years ago. The Archdiocese has given us an opportunity to keep two churches open in our parish for the foreseeable future. I truly encourage everyone to seize this amazing opportunity, by supporting the Capital Campaign. Let us prove that we can continue to be one parish with different traditions, serving God and His mission, under two new church roofs in mutual love and respect. That’s the invitation and opportunity we have been handed. Let’s get on with the challenge so that our two beautiful Wyandotte churches, which are presently in our care, can continue to serve us and many generations to come.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Mike Cremin SAC.


Phase 1 – Roof Repairs

for St. Joseph and St. Patrick Churches of Wyandotte

St. Joseph Church    
Reroof Upper Roof with standing seam metal roof   $116,240
  Remove existing membrane roof    
  Repair roof deck as needed    
  Install metal roof material    
  Replace existing gutters and downspouts    
Reroof Lower Roof with standing seam metal roof   75,630
  Remove existing membrane roof    
  Repair roof deck as needed    
  Install metal roof material    
  Replace existing gutters and downspouts    
Miscellaneous Wall Repairs:   155,890
  Reseal coping sealant joints    
  Repoint brick mortar joints    
  Replace windows perimeter sealant joints    
  Seal glass-to-metal joints in art glass windows    
  Replace transparent panels over art glass windows    
  Rout stones’ mortar joints and replace with sealant    
  Clean copper stains from stones    
  Replace through-wall flashing (includes removing 5 courses of brick, replacing flashing and re-install bricks)    
  TOTAL ST. JOSEPH   $347,760
St. Patrick Church    
Replace roof (including bell tower) with asphalt shingles   $214,250
  Remove existing slate roof    
  Repair roof deck as needed    
  Install asphalt shingles    
  Replace existing gutters and downspouts    




God Bless the Newly Ordained

With praise and thanksgiving to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Archdiocese of Detroit joyfully announces the Ordination to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ of these chosen men. St. Vincent Pallotti Parish offers prayers to them as they begin this new journey in their lives.

Paul William Graney

Dominic Macioce

Kevin Joseph Roelant

David Mark Tomaszycki

Timothy Joseph Wezner

“Bless their labors with abundant fruit and
may the souls to whom they minister be their joy and consolation here and in heaven their beautiful and
everlasting crown. Amen”



Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate the 221st birthday of St. Vincent Pallotti.

The life of St. Vincent Pallotti gives us much to celebrate. With his emphasis on the infinite love of God, St. Vincent Pallotti understood the important role of collaboration among clergy, religious, and laity. He urged all to become apostles of Jesus Christ, what some in the Church call today “missionary disciples.”

St. Vincent Pallotti, pray for us and help us to revive faith, rekindle charity and form apostles!

World Youth Day 2016

Throughout our youth’s pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Krakow Poland in July 2016, we will keep you up to date on their journey. Check back here on our website for pictures and stories as they create memories of their trip.

March 2016 – Jacob Tuttle, one of our pilgrims going to Poland for the World Youth Day, seen carrying the WYD cross. Julia Loria took this photo as they just picked up the cross from St. Regis Church in Bloomfield Hills. The cross is on it’s way  to St. Vincent Pallotti Parish to have on display at St. Joseph Church. See it in person in church on Palm Sunday weekend.

Unleash the Gospel

Unleash the Gospel – The New Evangelization is unfolding and breathing new life into the Church in Detroit.Unleash the Gospel is a major push to change the DNA of the Church in Detroit to one of a Body of Christ on mission. What we are attempting is nothing less than a radical overhaul of the Church in Detroit, a complete reversal of our focus from inward, or maintenance-focused, to outward, or mission-focused.

We seek to bring about this change first in our hearts, through an encounter with Christ. Then in our homes as we grow in our faith. And finally in our culture as we become a witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why Now?

There is a need to elevate the presence and importance of Christ in individuals, families, parishes, schools, and Catholic institutions to receive the good news, to live it, and to share it with our friends, our families, in our workplaces and beyond.

The natural state of the Church is one of growth. We are living in a time of unnatural deterioration of the Church. The decline in sacramental participation and vocations as well as the closing of parishes are unnatural aberrations rooted in an erosion of evangelization. We need to undo some of what we’ve become as a people of Christ – passive in prioritizing and living our faith, sad about the perceived decline of the importance of Jesus and Church institutions, and accustomed to a malaise rooted in believing there is little that can be done.

Just as we are seeing revitalization in our city, we seek to bring about rebirth of the Church in Detroit.

To watch the video message from Archbishop Allen Vigneron, click on this link: