Fr. Brendan McCarrick   Parish Administrator

We are one parish with two worship sites: St. Joseph Church, 344 Elm St. and St. Patrick Church, 135 Superior Blvd. You will find our parish rich in history and deeply committed to the traditions of our parish founders as well as to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The parish offers many opportunities for involvement by people of every age. If you are not a parishioner, please contact us at any time to learn more about our parish and how to become a member. If you already belong, please continue to support our parish by sharing your time, talents and treasure. Call the parish office if interested in volunteering.

To stay on top of parish news, we encourage you to please sign up for our parish app by going to myparishapp.com and search for St. Vincent Pallotti Parish. Also, subscribe to our e-newsletter!

May God bless you, and may Saints Vincent Pallotti, Joseph, Patrick and Elizabeth watch over you.
 Fr. Brendan, Parish Administrator


Christmas Mass Guidelines/Best Practices

  • For your comfort and safety all masses will be live streamed from St Joseph Church.
  • You need only to attend ONE mass over the four days. (December 24, 25, 26 & 27) Attend the
    Christmas Eve/Day Mass or the Saturday/Sunday Mass, thus giving all a chance to attend a mass and
    keep safety measures in place regarding social distancing.
  • Mass capacity is reduced to 50%.
    a) St Joseph Church 425 people
    b) St Joseph Church Hall 175 people
    c) St Patrick Church 150 people

This gives us a total of 750 who can safely attend our masses.

December 24

St. Joseph Church
4:00pm Mass – LIVE STREAM
10:00pm Mass – LIVE STREAM

St. Patrick Church
4:00pm Mass

December 25

St. Joseph Church
8:00am Mass – LIVE STREAM
11:30am Mass – LIVE STREAM

St. Patrick Church
9:30am Mass


  • We are working with limited numbers within safety guidelines.
  • Singers have special masks designed specifically for singing, safety first.

  • If you feel unwell (IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM), please, please stay home and watch the mass on
    our YouTube channel.
  • In order to facilitate safe and social distance seating, our Ushers will be directing you to where you
    may sit. All in attendance will be counted as to comply with the guidelines. Remember: NO MASK
    NO MASS!
  • The Church Hall will also be live streamed with our brand-new audio/visual technology; every seat is
    a great seat!
  • We promise we will do our very best to ensure your safety. We look forward to celebrating the birth
    of our Lord Jesus Christ with our Faith Community.


Christmas Concert 2019