Remembering Fr. Noel O’Connor SAC

December 17, 1952  –  May 13, 2019

“A missionary disciple”

Remembering Fr. Noel on the 1 year anniversary of his going home to be with the Lord.

While Fr. Noel lived here with us in Wyandotte, he served as Mission Director at the Pallottine Mission House, assisted at our parish and neighboring parishes and worked at our local Wyandotte Hospital as Chaplain.

He was highly respected as a very caring pastoral priest and sought out by many for one to one counseling and spiritual direction. He lived a very simple priestly life and strove to provide as much material help to those he served on the missions in East Africa for over 26 years.


Fr. Noel was an example to us all of holiness and detachment. We are consoled in knowing that his suffering is over and that he now enjoys a tremendous reward with the communion of saints in heaven.

May God bless him with great peace and rest.