Fall Session-October 11-Nov. 22
Have you recently buried a loved one? Do you feel alone in your grief? St Vincent Pallotti Parish is offering a free Grief Support Group. Facilitated by member, Joe Ososkie. Each session will focus on a suggested theme such as stages of grief, health issues and managing anxiety.
The group will meet every Tuesday from Oct. 11 (excluding Nov. 1) through Nov. 22 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Room 1 of the St Joseph Church Hall. To register, please phone the parish office.

Blessing of the Pets

October 4, 7:00pm

Join us in the parking lot at St. Joseph Church with your pets for a special blessing!

We enrich our faith life to walk more closely with Jesus. We develop new skills at work to be a better employee and get a promotion. We read blogs about how to be better parents. We maintain our vehicles, so they function well and last as long as possible. And for our marriage, the center of our family life, how do we make us the best couple we can be? Now, we can attend a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Experience right here at STVPP October 28-30. For more information, go to, call 517-667-0433 or email