Dear Parishioners and Friends

June 19, 2021

Since the arrival of Covid-19 into our lives in February 2020, we have lived in a time of stormy waters, with anxiety, fear and worry — asking questions “Where is Jesus in this storm? Is he sleeping in the boat as many of our family and friends die? Does God and Jesus care for us?” These questions have been asked many times.

In faith, we know and believe that God and his Son Jesus do care for us. Jesus is certainly NOT asleep in the boat, and He is definitely with us! Look at the hard working doctors/nurses and health care professionals who have worked day and night to care for the sick. See the extraordinary efforts many companies have made to provide vaccines for all of Gods children, to further protect us into the future. Consider the extraordinary efforts schools, universities, and work places have made to protect their staff, students and colleagues.

The maker of Heaven and Earth through his son Jesus calmed the storm for his followers, and now he does the same for us. God our Father and his loving son watches over us, and protects us on the path of life, Jesus is still very much in control, and he wants us to choose faith over fear when we travel through the storms of life.

Faith is a daily decision we make in how we will respond to our circumstances based on where we have put our trust — in the news, in our government, in our families, or in the Creator and Savior of our universe, our good Father. Our Almighty God who knows our every need and hears our every prayer! May we exercise our faith muscles and get to know Jesus better in the midst of the storm, and worship him even more so we can echo the disciple’s amazement: “Who can this be? Even the wind and sea obey him” (Mk 4:41)

May we keep our eyes on Jesus and choose faith over fear as we move through the storms of life.

Fr. Brendan McCarrick SAC