Dear Parishioners and Friends

July 17, 2021

Progress with our new stained-glass windows in St. Joseph Church.

We have completed stage 1 of the project: the Saint Windows and Choir Loft! We have commenced stage 2 – the Sanctuary area, with the installation of the 8 new window frames. Currently Thompson Art Glass is working on the stained-glass which will be installed in each window. The theme of these windows follows the seven “I AM” statements in John’s Gospel. We are blessed that five of the eight windows are sponsored, three windows remain available.

Once phase 2 is complete we will proceed with phase 3, the replacement of the remaining windows in St. Joseph Church. These windows will have biblical images upon them.

I wish to once again thank all our parishioners and friends who have supported the refurbishment of our churches and other parish properties. Without your unwavering generosity it would not be possible to continually update and improve our parish for the benefit of many generations to come!

As we proceed together with Christ as our Shepherd, let us continue to reach out to Him who is our guide on the path of life and who is always there for us each day, “seek, and you will find” [Matthew 7:7]

Fr. Brendan McCarrick SAC