Dear Parishioners and Friends

June 10, 2021

Over the last few months we have been sowing the seeds of good luck and good fortune as many parishioners purchased Spring Fling raffle tickets — in the hope that their ticket(drawn on June 26th) will result in a $10,000 win.

The fruits of our on-going fundraising efforts are on display for all to see: the beautiful restoration of St. Patrick’s church and the beautiful new stained-glass windows which are enhancing St. Joseph Church. Without you (our faithful parishioners and friends) and your on-going support, it would not be possible to continue to maintain and enhance God’s house here on earth.

In this week’s Gospel reading Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a farmer sowing seed. The farmer allows time for the seed to mature and when the time is right he harvests the crop.

Our parish community continues to be like the farmer we read about in scripture, keeping the soil tilled to welcome fresh seed, new members, as many of our community of faith are being called by God to their eternal joy. Through the wonderful on-going efforts of our parish team, staff and volunteers, our parish, like the mustard tree, continues to grow and welcomes many new families. Weddings, baptisms and celebrations of life are occasions of welcome. Together we celebrate the sacraments as we look forward to embracing the many new talents and opportunities that new members bring to further grow our community of faith through active participation.

As a community, let us continue to build God’s family of faith united with Christ who guides, directs and protects us on the journey through life. God sows love in our actions, prunes anger from our thoughts and he harvests our souls to eternal life after we have lived, loved and cared for others as Christ taught us.

Fr. Brendan McCarrick SAC