All parishes of the Archdiocese of Detroit will join other parishes in new groupings called “families of parishes” — working together and sharing resources and talents to further advance our shared mission.

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Pentecost 2020 Letter from Archbishop Vigneron

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Over the next several months, groups of clergy and lay faithful will work together to define the structure of the families of parishes and the ways in which this new model will help all our parishes become vibrant posts of missionary activity

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As you know, priests in the Archdiocese have been meeting every month to pray, learn, and discuss the transition to Families of Parishes. While our priests will be most impacted by this change, it will also have an impact on the lay faithful and deacons. Earlier this month, we were able to gather key leaders from the many groups which support and advise the Archbishop for a virtual meeting where they received an update on the progress of our efforts to move to Families. The response overall was quite positive, and they were asked to provide feedback and express any concerns they have.

The priests, vicars, and regional bishops are now finalizing the parishes within families, and the Governance Team is finalizing their recommendation to the Archbishop for the models of leadership that will be implemented in each family of parishes. I invite you to please pray for the all involved and for the Archbishop as they work to get this work across the finish line in the coming days. Prayers are needed as we are very close to finalizing some key decisions.

—Deacon Mike Houghton, Director, Department of Missionary Strategic Planning



To renew our parishes so they become places places where individuals and families encounter Jesus and grow as missionary disciples




To respond in faith to the challenges we face and to take the necessary steps to better equip our parish communities for mission.



To advance with unshakable conviction of the truth of the Gospel and a love that compels us to share the good news with those around us



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Jesus Christ makes all things new! He himself is at work to renew his Church in the Archdiocese of Detroit. He is pouring out his Holy Spirit anew so that every member of the Church may be formed and sent forth as a joyful missionary disciple, so that the Gospel may be unleashed in southeast Michigan.

-Archbishop Vigneron