Dear Parishioners and Friends,

It is with great joy that St. Vincent Pallotti Parish is launching the “New Commemorative Stained Glass Window Project”.  This enhancement to our parish will protect our church from the elements of Michigan weather.

In 2017, a detailed study was undertaken on the existing windows in St Joseph Church by engineers, architects and stained-glass manufacturing companies. The consensus was that the cost of repair, $22,000 per window, was prohibitive. Having consulted with our Finance Committee, the Parish Council and the Archdiocese of Detroit, St Vincent Pallotti Parish has sought and received permission to proceed with this capital investment project.

Fr. Michael Cremin S.A.C. (R.I.P.), in his wisdom and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, suggested St. Vincent Pallotti Parish commemorate the six original Catholic parishes of Wyandotte, along with Archdiocesan and Pallottine images. It was agreed to replace the ten high windows in the body of St Joseph Church with these images.

Our Parish committees were tasked with finding a theme for the windows in the Sanctuary and choir loft areas. Through our discussions and the wonderful artistic vision of Joe Hosler, conceptual “I AM” and Eucharistic images based on St John’s Gospel were approved. Thompson Glass, a professional stained-glass window company, will produce and install the new windows.

Since Fr Mike’s inspiration, many generous donors have chosen to sponsor a window. I am now inviting families or individuals to take this opportunity to sponsor a window in memory of a loved one. All remaining windows will be available on a first-come first-served basis. The windows will include your requested tribute and commence with “In Memory of …”.  Fr Mike sponsored the window of St. Vincent Pallotti; his tribute will read, “In Memory of the Deceased Members of the Cremin Family”.

The total replacement cost for the twenty new windows is $645,000. The parish is seeking sponsorship of $500,000 towards the overall cost. The recommended sponsorship per window is $25,000.

Aware of the substantial costs involved, families or individuals may choose to sponsor a window over a one, two or three year period. Parishioners unable to sponsor a window are invited to assist with the overall project costs, by continuing to support our Capital Campaign until April 2021.

This commemorative stained-glass window brochure includes a sponsorship form with payment details. Click on the link below to browse the brochure.

May God reward you for your kindness and generosity to our wonderful Parish.