DAY 1 – Wednesday, July 20 – Departing St. Vincent Pallotti Parish, Wyandotte, MI

Our pilgrims, 11 youths and 6 chaperones, have left the building and on their way to Metro Airport for their trip to Poland! A balloon send off with prayer cards attached praying for our pilgrims on their journey were released as they departed. Let their spiritual journey begin!

WYD - Pilgrim group  WYD - Pilgrim leader Julie ready to go!  WYD - Pilgrim blessings  WYD - Pilgrim waiting  WYD - Pilgram Michelle and family  WYD - Pilgrim blessing with Fr. Claudius

WYD - Pilgrim departure with balloons  WYD - Pilgrim charparones  WYD - Pilgrim Andy  WYD - Pilgrim departure Andy Kilburn WYD - Pilgrim Julie's big day

DAY 2 -Thursday, July 21 – Linz, Austria

Our pilgrims have safely arrived in Amsterdam, then on to Munich Germany.  Their tour guide is now taking them to Linz Austria. Maybe they will get to visit one of the beautiful churches in Linz before they head out to Zakopane tomorrow. While driving through Austria, their bus tour guide played songs from the “Song of Music”.  Climb every mountain pilgrims!

WYD - Pilgrim Munich airport  WYD - Linz  WYD - Pilgrims Sound of music

DAY 3 – Friday, July 22 – Zakopane, Poland

Long bus ride from Linz to Zakopane. Then visiting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Krzeptowki, where our Prayer intentions were offered. (Notice the Prayer Journal in the corner of the picture with Blessed John Paul II. Afterwards the group took gondolas to Mt. Gubalowka.

WYD - Pilgrim on the bus leaving Linz  WYD - Pilgrim bus ride  WYD - Pilgrim Our Lady of Fatima Shrine  WYD - Pilgrim Mountains in Zacapone  WYD - Pilgrim mountains Mountains in Zacopane

WYD - Pilgrim Our Lady of Fatima Shrine 1  WYD - Pilgrim Our Lady of Fatima Shrine 3  WYD - Pilgrim Our Lady of Fatima Shrine 2

Our Lady of Fatima with our Prayer Intention Journal.

DAY 4 – Saturday, July 23 – Wadowice, Krakow Poland

Visiting the childhood home of St. John Paul II, which is now a museum. Then a visit to the Church of the Presentation where St. John Paul II was baptized. Tour of Wieliczka Salt Mines and a stop for lunch at the cafe within the salt mine.

WYD - Pilgrim JPII  WYD - Pilgrim church  WYD - Pilgrim Blessed John Paul II  WYD - Pilgrim restaurant


DAY 5 – Sunday, July 24 – Czestochowa / Auschwitz, Krakow Poland

Touring Auschwitz and Tour Jasna Gora Monastery and the Black Madonna. Attend Mass at the Shrine. Per Julie Dzanbazoff, “Our Lady of Czestochowa pray for us. What a pilgrimage!!! Mass was beautiful today!!!”

WYD - Shrine BM 3  WYD - Shrine BM 2  WYD - Pilgrim BM 2  WYD - Shrine BM 1  WYD - Shrine of the Black Madonna

Auschwitz – German Nazi concentration and extermination camp (1940–45). The Pilgrims walked the streets and felt the emotion and devastation of what life was like for so many back then. Also pictured is a sign featuring Polish Franciscan Friar, Maximillian Kolbe. He volunteered to die so that he could save the life of another prisoner.

WYD - Auschwitz  WYD - Auschwitz 2  WYD - Auschwitz 3  WYD - Maximillian Kolbe

DAY 6 – Monday, July 25 – Krakow / Lagiewniki

Visiting Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral, Kanonicza Street, where St. John Pall II resided, Church of St. Mary and Main Market Square.

WYD - outside building  WYD - JPII Sancuary

DAY 7 – Tuesday, July 26 – WYD events – Krakow, Poland

Opening Mass in Blonia Park – A little rain, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of our Pilgrims! Bless them for taking that Prayer Intention book with them everywhere they go!

WYD - Pilgrim Opening Day Mass July 26  WYD - pre celebration with prayer journal  WYD - Blonia parkWYD - pre celebration outside park

DAY 8 – Wednesday, July 27 – WYD events – Krakow, Poland

Attending Mass at St. Catherine and St. Margaret Church with other AOD pilgrims.  Andy, Laura and Mike Marshall sang in the choir, Amaya was an Alter Server and Stephanie and Elizabeth were lectors. Even during the Offertory, Martin brought up a AOD WYD tee shirt as a gift.

WYD - Mass with AOD 2  WYD - Mass with AOD  WYD - Mass with AOD 1

DAY 9 – Thursday, July 28 – WYD events – Krakow, Poland

Youth Festival – Pope Francis welcome in Blonia Park – Julie Dzanbazoff was so close to the Pope she could have touched him! These pictures prove it! Good job Julie!

WYD - Pope Francis  WYD - Pope tram  WYD - Pope with our pilgrims

DAY 10 – Friday, July 29 – WYD events – Krakow, Poland

Youth Festival – Way of the Cross – No rain could keep our pilgrims from the anticipation of doing the Stations of the Cross today. Also, Stephanie got to carry our Prayer Intention book during Mass and a view of the pilgrims room, getting ready for packing for the all night Vigil.

WYD - Stations of the Cross in the rain 

 WYD - Stephanie with our prayer intention book before Friday Mass  WYD - Vigil packing

DAY 11 – Saturday, July 30 – WYD events – Krakow, Poland

Pilgrimage walk to the Vigil site in Brzegi with Pope Francis

WYD - Pilgrim walk      WYD - Pilgrim walk 2WYD - Pilgrim mass with Austrailians during festival  WYD - Vigil with Pope Francis  WYD - Pope with our pilgrims   WYD - Pilgrim walk 3 (2)  WYD - Michelle and Chris Sefanick  WYD - Candles with Mike and Jacob  WYD - Vigil candles

DAY 12 – Sunday, July 31 – WYD events – Krakow, Poland

Final Mass – Celebration and singing!

WYD - Festival joy with Julie

DAY 13 – Monday, August 1 – Krakow, Poland

Stop at at St. Florian Church, then depart on overnight Motorcoach to Frankfurt, Germany.

 WYD - St. Florian Church

DAY 14 – Tuesday, August 2 – Goodbye Poland – Hello USA

Pilgrims flew from Poland to Frankfurt, Germany, then onto USA, landing in Atlanta Georgia at 6:20 p.m., then onto Detroit and to St. Joseph Church by 8:45 p.m.

WYD - Frankfort Airport

The pilgrims journey is over. But their faith filled stories and Holy Spirit in their hearts will live on forever!

WYD - USA 2 WYD - USA 3      WYD - USA 4  WYD - USA 5    WYD - USA 9  WYD - USA 10  WYD - USA

WYD - USA 7    WYD - USA 6

God Bless them and welcome home!

WYD - pre celebration with prayer journal (2)