Thank you to everyone who sold and or bought their Spring Fling Grand Raffle Tickets. The response was really impressive. We will have the final total of income from the raffle in next week’s bulletin. Special thanks to Pat Chalmers and Candis Milewski as well as Beverly Jager for coming in and counting all those ticket returns for several weeks. We couldn’t do any of this without our wonderful volunteers! God bless and hopefully we will see you next year!

Grand Raffle Winners:

$10,000 Tim & Carmen Pattison Ticket#22651

$500 Mary Dziurgot Ticket#8156

$500 Phyllis Penland Ticket#22915

$500 Chuck & Jan Gardner Ticket#11830

$500 Walt Tarnowski Ticket#31008

$250 Peggy Beaton Ticket#2238

$250 Shirley Cavataio Ticket#4837

$250 Dolores Dulimba Ticket#7890

$250 Rob DeSana Ticket#7047

50/50 Raffle Winners:

$500 Wanda Swiecki Ticket#6201

$500 Mike & Jill Kontry Ticket#1242

$500 Julie Simons Ticket#1983

$500 Betty Chinavare Ticket#1537

$500 Dolores Blanchezzi Ticket#0413

$110 Fred Milewski Ticket#4129

Let’s go on a journey to find our way using G.P.S. or God’s Plan in Scripture!
Join us for a fun morning of songs, Bible stories, plays, crafts, games, prizes, and snacks.

*Please, Sign up BY July 26th!

The final Family of Parishes Family Gathering is quickly approaching!
The third and final meeting will take place at the former St. Stanislaus Kostka Hall, 266 Antoine, Wyandotte.
Monday, July 12 at 6:30 p.m.

June 19, 2021

Since the arrival of Covid-19 into our lives in February 2020, we have lived in a time of stormy waters, with anxiety, fear and worry — asking questions “Where is Jesus in this storm? Is he sleeping in the boat as many of our family and friends die? Does God and Jesus care for us?” These questions have been asked many times.

In faith, we know and believe that God and his Son Jesus do care for us. Jesus is certainly NOT asleep in the boat, and He is definitely with us! Look at the hard working doctors/nurses and health care professionals who have worked day and night to care for the sick. See the extraordinary efforts many companies have made to provide vaccines for all of Gods children, to further protect us into the future. Consider the extraordinary efforts schools, universities, and work places have made to protect their staff, students and colleagues.

The maker of Heaven and Earth through his son Jesus calmed the storm for his followers, and now he does the same for us. God our Father and his loving son watches over us, and protects us on the path of life, Jesus is still very much in control, and he wants us to choose faith over fear when we travel through the storms of life.

Faith is a daily decision we make in how we will respond to our circumstances based on where we have put our trust — in the news, in our government, in our families, or in the Creator and Savior of our universe, our good Father. Our Almighty God who knows our every need and hears our every prayer! May we exercise our faith muscles and get to know Jesus better in the midst of the storm, and worship him even more so we can echo the disciple’s amazement: “Who can this be? Even the wind and sea obey him” (Mk 4:41)

May we keep our eyes on Jesus and choose faith over fear as we move through the storms of life.

Fr. Brendan McCarrick SAC

As we face so many challenges in 2021, we are reminded of our call as missionary disciples to act out of the heart that God has formed in us. The CSA raises funds that make our work possible, including supporting more than 100 ministries, programs, and services. This includes helping the hungry and homeless, support for our parishes, priests and seminarians, and promoting the work of the Catholic schools, and so much more.

June 10, 2021

Over the last few months we have been sowing the seeds of good luck and good fortune as many parishioners purchased Spring Fling raffle tickets — in the hope that their ticket(drawn on June 26th) will result in a $10,000 win.

The fruits of our on-going fundraising efforts are on display for all to see: the beautiful restoration of St. Patrick’s church and the beautiful new stained-glass windows which are enhancing St. Joseph Church. Without you (our faithful parishioners and friends) and your on-going support, it would not be possible to continue to maintain and enhance God’s house here on earth.

In this week’s Gospel reading Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a farmer sowing seed. The farmer allows time for the seed to mature and when the time is right he harvests the crop.

Our parish community continues to be like the farmer we read about in scripture, keeping the soil tilled to welcome fresh seed, new members, as many of our community of faith are being called by God to their eternal joy. Through the wonderful on-going efforts of our parish team, staff and volunteers, our parish, like the mustard tree, continues to grow and welcomes many new families. Weddings, baptisms and celebrations of life are occasions of welcome. Together we celebrate the sacraments as we look forward to embracing the many new talents and opportunities that new members bring to further grow our community of faith through active participation.

As a community, let us continue to build God’s family of faith united with Christ who guides, directs and protects us on the journey through life. God sows love in our actions, prunes anger from our thoughts and he harvests our souls to eternal life after we have lived, loved and cared for others as Christ taught us.

Fr. Brendan McCarrick SAC

The 2021 Wyandotte Street Fair is back, which means so is St. Vincent Pallotti’s parking lot fundraiser! This fundraiser is in need of many helping hands to make it a success. There are several times to choose from. Please check out the dates and times below, grab a friend or family member and donate some of your time helping a great cause! This is a great way for students and parents to earn required service hours and/or hours for National Honor Society.

Thank you for supporting St. Vincent Pallotti and Catholic Edcuation!


Tuition Stipend Details

  • Must be an active St. Vincent Pallotti Parish member
  • $200 tuition support for a full day of service
  • May be subject to other criteria


Contact: Elizabeth Chisek if you have any questions: 734.934.5471 call/text


Click to register with “Sign Up Genius”

June 4

What a beautiful occasion it is to celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, The Feast of Corpus Christi.

St. Thomas Aquinas | Saint thomas aquinas, Catholic images, Catholic artSaint Thomas Aquinas said that the Holy Eucharist is the Greatest of all miracles, and no other sacrament has greater healing power. He wrote Christ himself, the true God, is set before us as our food. What could be more wonderful than this? Indeed, what could be more wonderful? Christ himself is set before us at each mass, he is given to us as our spiritual food for the journey through life. At every Eucharist celebration, our Father in Heaven gives us his Son — fully and completely, truly present in the Host when we receive Holy Communion.

Every time we celebrate the Holy Eucharist, we enter into a wonderful exchange: we give ourselves to God and God gives himself to us through his son so he can save us from our sins. At each Mass we celebrate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ, as we join the Lord’s table. We “Take and Eat” as Christ asked as we celebrate in memory of Jesus.Catholic Trivia: The Eucharist – To Jesus Sincerely

Recently, as I was distributing Holy Communion I noticed a woman, weeping/crying. After mass she came to me to say it had been over a year since she was able to receive Jesus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The woman proceeded to tell me that the reception of the Holy Communion warmed her heart, dried her tears and renewed her strength in God, allowing her to accept that God’s love for her is never ending, she concluded by saying “absence made my heart grow fonder, from now on I will never miss mass again — unless I am with the Lord in Heaven.”

I pray we may all accept the love of God as this lady does. That we may receive Jesus with reverence and love as we accept his unending love of us, on our journey to eternal life.

-Fr. Brendan McCarrick SAC