Christnet ‘More Than Ever’ Charity Event

A Partnership of Churches Serving the Homeless

24356 Eureka Rd. Taylor, MI 48180 – Ph: 734-287-8890

ChristNet Services has been a partner in the downriver communities for over 20 years, providing services to the homeless, including food, shelter, counseling, ID assistance, training and advocacy. Included among the guests we serve are men, women, Veterans and young families. We are the ONLY overnight shelter provider in the Downriver and out Wayne County area.

The year has been a real trial for all of us. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. The impact on the ChristNet homeless guests has been even more significant. ChristNet has made significant adjustments to meet the needs of our homeless guests. Social distancing has reduced the number of guests we can service at any one time at the daytime program at Church of the Nazarene. The night time program is in a state of flux with most churches unable to house guests overnight.

As a point of celebration, we will soon be moving into our new day time center that will have more space for social distancing and provide showers and laundry, The Board of Directors is working diligently to close a deal for a “stationary night time facility” to house homeless guests during the pandemic, where the church volunteers can provide assistance (meals, supervision, Christian support, etc.) without jeopardizing the safety of their home churches.

As you can imagine, the costs for personal protective equipment, additional staffing, expenses of a second building (utilities, rents, transportation, etc.), move-in costs in two buildings, and temporary renovations to accommodate pandemic regulations are expenses ChristNet is not prepared to sustain………Without your help. Our financial shortfall is estimated to be over $150,000.

You can help us. Because of the pandemic we cannot host a dinner/auction as in recent years. However we can have a fund raising mail campaign. The campaign is entitled More Than Ever. Please make a generous gift to ChristNet. Our homeless guests do need our help more than ever.
Together we CAN make a difference!


Linda Cleaver ChristNet More Than Ever Chairperson 29415 East River Road Grosse lle, MI 48138 734-675-5562 or 734-558-9912
All contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law. ChristNet is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization

“More Than Ever” Sponsorship Form:

Download form here.
All proceeds go to benefit ChristNet Charity and their goal to help house and care for those who need it most this year.

Ford Drive 4 Your Community Event – Virtual(Proceeds help ChristNet):

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WHO? Ford Drive 4 Ur Community
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