Treasures of Italy 11 Day Pilgrimage – Information Meeting

Dear friends,

We have all been in a wait and see holding pattern for the last two years for the trip we started planning three years ago.
Here is the latest update.
The Italy trip, August 29 – September 8, 2022 is A GO!
Nawas (our travel agency) has assured us they have been in full service for over a year with all groups up and running.
A meeting is set for April 22, 7:00pm in St Joseph Hall to go over the specifics of our trip and for anyone that would like to join the group. Pass the word around!
Here is where we stand today (as we all know things can change):
  • every traveler must be fully vaccinated (ex: 2 doses Pfizer, Moderna or 1 dose JJ)
  • no refunds are issued with travel insurance or Nawas if the reason is just fear of Covid, but…
  • if a person tests positive w/Covid just prior to departure that stops them from being able to travel, this DOES qualify on the travel policy under sickness – a refund will be issued
  • if you get Covid while traveling- insurance DOES cover extended hotel stay and accommodations up to $200 a day- $1,000 total and…
  • also covers reimbursement of airflight home
  • other health issues are also covered (make sure to read thoroughly your travel insurance policy for specifics)
  • Important! verify your personal health coverage does cover overseas (Note: Medicare B plan does not cover overseas travel – so make sure your supplement does)
  • per Father Brendan- every traveler in his group is required to purchase travel insurance
  • as of now the price is still $3,799 – fuel prices has not affected a change (this could change but not expected to be drastic)
  • full trip payment is required to Nawas by May 19
  • new travelers must submit a $500 deposit with their registration

I understand you may still have more questions. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I will do my best to answer them.  Also… if you have changed your mind about going please let me know.

Julie D
734-285-9840 ext. 102