Unleash the Gospel

Unleash the Gospel – The New Evangelization is unfolding and breathing new life into the Church in Detroit.Unleash the Gospel is a major push to change the DNA of the Church in Detroit to one of a Body of Christ on mission. What we are attempting is nothing less than a radical overhaul of the Church in Detroit, a complete reversal of our focus from inward, or maintenance-focused, to outward, or mission-focused.

We seek to bring about this change first in our hearts, through an encounter with Christ. Then in our homes as we grow in our faith. And finally in our culture as we become a witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why Now?

There is a need to elevate the presence and importance of Christ in individuals, families, parishes, schools, and Catholic institutions to receive the good news, to live it, and to share it with our friends, our families, in our workplaces and beyond.

The natural state of the Church is one of growth. We are living in a time of unnatural deterioration of the Church. The decline in sacramental participation and vocations as well as the closing of parishes are unnatural aberrations rooted in an erosion of evangelization. We need to undo some of what we’ve become as a people of Christ – passive in prioritizing and living our faith, sad about the perceived decline of the importance of Jesus and Church institutions, and accustomed to a malaise rooted in believing there is little that can be done.

Just as we are seeing revitalization in our city, we seek to bring about rebirth of the Church in Detroit.

To watch the video message from Archbishop Allen Vigneron, click on this link: https://youtu.be/R69Yai1DrPU