Update on St. Patrick Church repair project.

The following communication is to explain the events which have taken place to date with the status on the repairs to the roof and ceiling at St. Patrick Catholic Church.

The Archdiocese has recommended that we work with the SME Engineering Building Specialists in the evaluation and determining the scope of the intended project.  SME is an experienced firm that has handled similar projects including several Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

The past several weeks have included determining the scope of the project and recommended action that is needed.

This evaluation has determined the following:

  1. The plastered ceiling has been compromised in various places and requires repair and or replacement.
  2. The roof has been leaking and also needs to be repaired. SME will work with the roofers on what repairs are required.

SME has presented the following plan of action.

  1. The first priority is to repair the roof. We will proceed with gathering bids to repair the roof as quickly as possible in light of the pending colder weather.

Regarding the ceiling repair, SME have given us two options:

  • Repair the plaster ceiling using the conventional plaster & drywall.
  • Repair using an acrylic process from the attic.

In light of the dirty & dusty process using the conventional plaster process, which would require the complete removal of all the pews and the loss of all the paintings and frescoes, the recommendation from the committee is to repair the plaster from the attic using the acrylic spray process. This process is supposed to bind the current plaster to the wood foundation and would save the paintings and frescoes.

We will be visiting a church which has used this process to determine the feasibility of its use on our project.

As we progress in this large undertaking, we will keep you informed of any developments.

Finance Committee Chairman.

Lee Williams.