Congratulations Spring Fling Grand Raffle Winners!

Thank you to everyone who sold and or bought their Spring Fling Grand Raffle Tickets. The response was really impressive. We will have the final total of income from the raffle in next week’s bulletin. Special thanks to Pat Chalmers and Candis Milewski as well as Beverly Jager for coming in and counting all those ticket returns for several weeks. We couldn’t do any of this without our wonderful volunteers! God bless and hopefully we will see you next year!

Grand Raffle Winners:

$10,000 Tim & Carmen Pattison Ticket#22651

$500 Mary Dziurgot Ticket#8156

$500 Phyllis Penland Ticket#22915

$500 Chuck & Jan Gardner Ticket#11830

$500 Walt Tarnowski Ticket#31008

$250 Peggy Beaton Ticket#2238

$250 Shirley Cavataio Ticket#4837

$250 Dolores Dulimba Ticket#7890

$250 Rob DeSana Ticket#7047

50/50 Raffle Winners:

$500 Wanda Swiecki Ticket#6201

$500 Mike & Jill Kontry Ticket#1242

$500 Julie Simons Ticket#1983

$500 Betty Chinavare Ticket#1537

$500 Dolores Blanchezzi Ticket#0413

$110 Fred Milewski Ticket#4129